Underline_, is an investigation into contemporary drawing, Underline_ will exhibit artworks by emerging artists who utilise drawing in their studio practice to inform their interdisciplinary art making. Drawing is recognised to be the medium most directly linked to generating and materialising thought (Stout, K. 2014). In other words, it is regarded as thought process in its most sincere form; It is the artist’s starting point and finishing point, the scaffolding of the artist’s creation and the underlying truth to their art practice at large. This show is a celebration of contemporary drawing; an insight into how an underdog medium is weaving it’s way into art practice today. Curated : Christopher Mckenzie / Aish Saffigna Photo : Virginia Fisher Artists : Hailey Atkins, Kristian Fracchia, Fred Gooch ,Spencer Harvey, Jack Mitchell, Jessie Nash, Tristan Stonhill.

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